lemoncelloEscape from Mr Lemoncello’s library is the best book you could ever possibly read. The main character is a young teenage boy named Kyle. He loves games and isn’t really interested in books at all. By the end of the book he has the largest list of books to read in the world. The library is designed by the wacky billionaire Mr Lemoncello. It has hover lifts on the big bookshelves. A movie cinema with smell-a-vision, a huge gaming room and of course, tons and tons of books. A certain ‘NixiLeaf’ who I’m not going to mention should definitely read it. If you enjoy this book (Which you definitely will) there is a sequel called Mr Lemoncello’s library Olympics which is just as good, or even better!

The whole story starts when Kyle ‘accidentally’ window and gets grounded for a week as well as no screen time. Now Kyle isn’t the sort of person who can survive without screen time, so what does he try and do? Why win his way into the new local library lock-in. Kyle has heard a rumour that the new library is being designed by the wacky game creator billionaire Mr Lemoncello. Kyle figures that if he can get into the library he is sure to find at least 10 excellent games that he can play all night long. Ther145f307e9c3f7022003443c443ba0d72e is a catch, to get into the library lock-in, Kyle has to write and essay about what he’s most looking forward to about the new library. Any problems aside from the fact that he hates libraries, he can’t write an essay and he only found out about it the day it was due. But still Kyle desperately wants to get into the library, but things in the library are a lot more lively than Kyle expects.