A flooded city, a group of kids and a dangerous pirate. You might think it would be fun. It really isn’t.

I first discogrimsdonvered this book when the author (Deborah Abela) came to my school and told us about the books she had written. Grimsdon is a city, a flooded city. It’s in the future and Isabella and her friends have to learn to survive in a dangerous city, surrounded by menacing adults, dangerous bounty hunters and each other. Griffin, a smart young boy who could invent almost everything. He’s not very brave and has a crush on Isabella. Fly, a young girl who hardly speaks, she is an amazing artist and can draw anything, she has made friends with a sea monster. Bea, Raffie’s sister and fiercely protective of him. She loves to dress up as a warrior fighting battle princess. Raffy, He loves to dress up as a knight and loves his sister. Xavier, not originally part of the group, ut after he broke into their house they decided to let him stay. He has a flying machine and a safe boat. Jerome, an old scientist left from before the floods, they found him in an abandoned library, he talks to a stuffed bear and owns a submarine. Isabella, the leader of the group, a fierce warrior girl who protects everyone else.

This group of strange misfits must survive in a dangerous city, filled with strange beasts, crazy kids and nasty snakes. It is a definite read for anyone.