Have you ever read a book, and just wished “Oh I so want to live in that book”? Well Alex and Conner Bailey certainly have, and their wish came true!

Alex and Conner Bailey couldn’t be more different. While Alex is the perfect student, obsessed with neat work and presentation, and all in all a very nice person. Conner Bailey on the other hand sleeps in class, is constantly cracking jokes and obsessed with sloppiness. However, the two twins are flung together in an exciting adventure involving Cinderella, Large frogs and surprising family secrets. Chris Colfer has written a fantastic series, with each book featuring a different adventure in the fairy tale world. This book I would recommend to anyone over 7 and who loves to read. This book is un-put-a-down-able. You travel through many different books and meet many different characters, such as Red riding hood, Dorothy, Cinderella’s fairy Godmother, the evil queen, the magic mirror and Peter Pan, and that’s only to mention a few.

This book is a little bit school, a little (like the smallest ounce) romance and a lot adventure. If you like anything at all, this book is for you.