Magnus Chase is a sixteen-year-old homeless boy in Boston. Until his Uncle Randolph finds him and guides him to a fire giant, Surt, and promptly gets him killed. Magnus wakes up in Hotel Valhalla as an einherji, one of  the Norse god Odin’s warriors. He meets an American Civil War soldier called T.J, an Irish girl called Mallory Keen, a Viking beserker called Halfborn Gunderson, a half-troll called X, and a part-time Valkyrie named Samirah, or Sam for short. Magnus wants to get out of Valhalla to stop Surt getting hold of his dad’s sword, Sumarbrander. (Magnus’ dad is Frey, the Norse god of summer and fertility.)

This is a book by Rick Riordan, and it’s about Norse mythology. Magnus’ cousin is Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson. This is a book for people probably year 4 and up,  and it’s very intense. It moves at a very fast pace.