And a fun one!           -Pixileaf

The Crown’s Game is a book. Sorry missed out a couple of words in that last sentence, I should have said that it is an amazing book. It is a book about magic. The three main characters are Nikolai, Vika and Pasha. Each one of these characters comes from an entirely different background. Nikolai is the son of a herb healer, and the Tsar (Although we only find this out at the end of the book) he is adopted by an enchantress and she teaches him all she knows. Vika is the daughter of a Volcano spirit. She possesses strong magic, and is trained deep in the woods, where she is unknown until Nikolai and Pasha find her practicing while out hunting. Pasha is the son of the Tsar and is absolute best friends with Nikolai, until their friendship breaks when Pasha discovers that Nikolai has been keeping the secret that he is an Enchanter from him. (Pasha never finds out that he and Nikolai are step brothers).

This book is filled with nervous tension, breath taking scenes and tear flooding moments (especially at the end). I recommend this book to anyone who loves a bit of a mystery, a little bit of murder and stunning visual imagery. This book is just so beautiful. It is a match for Harry Potter, and many other books like it. It is amazing and I stayed up until 1:00 am reading it. So that proves how good it is. You must read it. You can’t live without it.