This book is amazing. No need to say anymore, book report finished.

Oh fine, The Wee-Free-Men, by Terry Pratchett is an amazing book. It is set on the discworld and features a young girl called Tiffany, who wants to be a witch. The series takes her to the mountains, The fairy world (Which is actually awful),  Into a barrow mound and into many other places which I can’t be bothered to mention. This book features magical parts and some very unusual people through the series. Terry Pratchett has written over 40 different books in his life time, although most of them are for adults the Wee-Free-Men series is one of them which can be read from all ages. You should definitelytiffany_aching_in_the_shepherds_crown read this book, especially if your bored and you have nothing to do. This book will never make you bored.