If you liked Percy Jackson, Magnus Chase, or the Kane Chronicles, then THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!! It starts off as a thirteen-year old girl called Emily Jacobs is sitting in her apartment in New York, watching the most violent storm of her life. Emily’s dad, Steve Jacobs, is a police officer and he’s out working double shifts. The Empire takes a very strong lightning bolt, and the top blows off. At the same moment Emily hears a thump and a crack on the roof. The ceiling plaster is flaking off. She climbs up the stairs, gets onto the roof, and almost faints. Something is  up there… But what?

This amazing book is the first of the Pegasus series, by Kate O’Hearn. There are six books in the entire series, but there is an availability issue in some countries, with the first four being available, but not the last two. This is recommended for ages eight to fifteen.