Perseus Jackson is a normal twelve-year-old kid-if you don’t count the fact that he’s dyslexic and he’s ADHD. He lives in a small New York apartment with his mother and his stepdad, who he’s nicknamed Smelly Gabe. His best friend is called Grover. As for his school life: He has a wheelchair-bound Latin teacher called Mr Brunner who’s obsessed with Greek mythology and a crazy Maths teacher called Mrs Dodds. When Percy’s class at Yancy Academy, his special school for people with disabilities, takes an excursion to a museum, Percy’s life is turned upside-down. After the ‘incident’, nobody can remember crazy Mrs Dodds, and Percy is chased by a Minotaur- yes, you read it right, a Minotaur- he gets pulled into Camp Half-Blood, a place for young demigods like Percy. (Yes, Percy is a demigod.) Grover turns out to be a goat from the waist down, and Mr Brunner (Yes, this is why I mentioned him) turns out to be a full-on centaur disguising his horse part in a magic wheelchair. Not only is he a centaur, but he just happens to be Chiron. The camp director, Mr D, is the wine god Dionysus. Things take a turn for the worse when Percy is announced to be a son of either Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades. This ends here… Read the book to find out more.

Rick Riordan’s first mythology series was met with applause and instant love the moment it came out. This is a book for ages nine to sixteen. It’s also a great book if you need to learn the names and duties of the Greek gods without doing too much slogging.