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Book review made by Tri

      I think this is my favourite book or pretty close to my favourite book (always dangerous to declare one book as your favourite).
I remember when I was a child my sister and her friend, Dill (funnily enough), were studying it for their school exams and saying “Hey Boo!” a lot, and many years later she called her cat Scout. I think it might be Pixileaf’s aunty’s favourite book too!
Anyway, why is it such a good book? Maybe because it’s such a grown up story, with wonderful adult characters (Atticus, Miss Maudie, Calpurnia), told so brilliantly through a child’s eyes.  You can definitely imagine standing in Scout’s shoes on the Finch’s porch,  calling out or waving to Miss Maudie and looking down the road to see a curtain twitch at The Radleys place.