H_I_V_E_-_The_Higher_Institute_of_Villainous_Education.jpgOkay ladies and gentlemen, if you love fantasy, spy kids, evil education and evil, smart kids doing many un-evil like and evil things then this book is for you!! AND if you don’t like ANY of those things it also has a very…. evil humour to it.

If I haven’t convinced you then I’m soooooooooo sorry but it seems you and H.I.V.E. just weren’t to be. Anyway H.I.V.E. follows a young teenage boy named Otto and the mysteries things about his life. This story is amazingly well thought out and I recommend it to anyone. ANYONE! (that is unless you don’t like violence, evil, mystery, adventure, spy kids, humour, action + guns, betrayal, and even more!)

Well, to wrap up this review, I know I’m being a little (a lot) biased but I really love this book and I can’t bear to give a betray review where I go on and on about certain details but my final sentence to you is, what would you do if you woke up in a school that trains super villains?