The Amateurs is a book written by Sara Shepard, the genius behind Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game and many other amazing books. It has been five years since Helena Kelly had mysteriously disappeared without a trace, and just one year when her body was found. Now sixteen, Aerin Kelly is still haunted by her sister’s death.She has many unanswered questions, but the case is long closed. Leaving a distressed message on (poorly designed) website Case Not Closed attracts teens Maddy, Seneca and Brett to help, all with secrets of their own.Can they solve the case in time, with a stalker watching their every move? Can they prove that they are more than just amateurs?

This book reminds me a bit of a puzzle; at the start, everything is just muddled up. But then once you work your way into it, everything starts to make sense and pieces just fit.

As someone that loved Pretty Little Liars, I had two things that I expected from this book:

  • Good characters-well, duh!
  • A secret killer/psycho/stalker that no one expected. Because mystery novels are just plain BORING when you expect everything, Y’know what I mean?

Now lemme just say that this book was FANTASTIC and kept me turning pages when I should’ve put it down (for future note, cutting carrots while reading a book is not a good idea).

I would recommenced this book to anyone aged 13 and up, as it has quite a few mature themes, all there to make the book more enjoyable. Still though, I guarantee at any age, you’ll love this book 😉.6605829

So if you want a book filled to the brim with murder, mystery and suspense, this one is for you! The only thing that will leave you with regret is waiting for the next book to come out…