Swallows and Amazons is a book about adventure. The main characters (John, Susan, Titty and Roger) are four everyday children. However, when they go on their summer holidays to a small lake, they find an island that is too good to waste. They abandon all normal holiday activities and they become explorers. If the lake had been smaller, and if there had been no island , the children no doubt, would have been happy enough to paddle around the bay in a row boat. But with a lake the size of a small sea, an island just waiting to be explored, and a small sailing dinghy, Who would want anything more than the perfect opportunity to explore? But not everything is as it seems. For as soon as they arrive on the island, they find evidence of Natives. First in the clearing which is the perfect place for a camp. Then in what John thinks is the best harbor in the world, but he is soon disappointed when he finds more evidence of natives, but are these really natives?

It turns out not. These are instead the two fearsome amazon pirates, who are both girls. They are on a mission. a mission to make their uncle’s summer absolute hell. This book is filled with laughter, wind and a couple of explosions. It has also been made into a movie and Audio books. If you have already read Swallows and Amazons you may enjoy the rest of the books in the series such as Swallowdale, Winter holiday and Pigeon post (Which are all available as audio books.). From the silly little Roger, to the old and sensible Susan, read these if you like life at all. It is a definite read for anyone living in modern society to remind us of the joys you can have without a computer.