This book is for you. Enough said, everything done, lets get on with boring homework.

Ohhdownload-1, fine. Drama, action, adventure. Those are just some of the things that take place in Pamela Brown’s ‘The Swish of the curtain’. The story takes place in Fenchestor and is set in the 1900’s. The main characters are Maddy and Sandra Fayne, Lynette and Jeremy Darwin and Vicky, Bulldog and Nigel Halford. The story all starts when Maddy throws a stone. The throwing of that single stone whisks the children away on adventures that happen over a series of five books.

The children create a theater. the blue door theater company. The children are all enthusiastic actors and are delighted when their friends, the Bells suggest that they run a theater company of their own in the little broken down theater down the road. Writing and performing plays, the children eventually convince their parents to let them go too the British Actors Guild in London. Graduating to the guild, they return to Fenchestor to buy the chapel from the town council and to make it into a proper little theater. The story takes a violent twist when they have all their money stolen from them. Causing them to go on a man hunt, far into the country side and into London. However this hunt earns them popularity, which eventually leads to them broadcast one of their plays on radio.

This series is a must read for all enthusiastic readers and is a lovely overall story.