If you like Ranger’s Apprentice, then you’ll love this. All said and done, no more. Time to go and do boring homework. Fine, I’ll give you a review. This book is about the Skandians. Hal Mikkelson is an outcast. He’s the son of a Skandian named Mikkel. His mother, however, is a former slave and an Araluan.

He’s constantly bullied by a ‘tough’ guy called Tursgud because he’s half Araluan. His only friend is a boy named Stig Olafson. As for the brotherband, they’re groups of about ten who come together to train in tactics (Mostly just the battle cry ‘Let’s get ’em, boys’), seamanship, and weaponry.

Hal finds himself the leader of a brotherband made up of outcasts, consisting of : Ingvar, a half-blind, really strong boy, Jesper the thief who always returns things, Stefan, the mimic and the class clown, and Stig, Hal’s friend, first mate, and the guy who  gets really angry easily. Did I forget to mention Ulf and Wulf (Pronounced OO-lf and VOO-lf), the identical twins who argue for the sake of arguing, and Edvin, the pretty much average Skandian sixteen-year-old who gets elected as the crew’s healer.

When Hal competes against Tursgud and Rolland, another brotherband leader, there will be suspense and danger as they fight for the top spot. Who will come out on top?

This is another hit book series from John Flanagan, and at the time of writing, the series is still in progress. I would recommend this book for ages nine to fifteen.