12154335Above world is a thrilling novel about the possibilities of the future. The author, Jenn Reese, has shown us the devastating result of our current actions in destroying the environment.

Aluna is a member of the Kampii, she is born with legs but at the age of 13 she is supposed to swallow a seed and grow her tail. But Aluna has always been a rebel and instead of swallowing her seed she steals it and swims away to the land. Her friend Hoku is excited at first when she doesn’t swallow her seed, he is excited for them taking the ceremony together and both growing their tails at the same time. Once he discovered that Aluna had run away he is anxious and scared for his friend, however he overcomes his fears and follows Aluna to the Above.

Hoku and Aluna’s adventure takes them all across the world and they meet many other species such as the Aviars, Equations and The Serpenti. This book is a definite read for anyone who likes adventure or who is just bored. I definitely recommend this as an easyish read, although the books are quite thick.


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