Goth Girl, by Chris Riddell is not what it seems. You might think that its about this moody teenage girl, who dresses like a goth. Well you couldn’t be more wrong. Goth girl is a story of adventure, bravery and friendship. It takes place at Ghastly Gorm Hall and Ada (the main character) is the only c518at47trl-_sx362_bo1204203200_hild of the famous poet Lord Goth. Ada has gone through many governess’s but her favourite by far is Lucia Borgia, a vampire, it is true, but an expert at umbrella fencing. Ada’s first book is that where a sinister plan is happening behind her father’s famous ‘indoor hunt’. Can Ada solve the mystery and save her friends?

Join Ada on her journeys, usually with her friends and enjoy the free mini books you can get in the back of each book. I strongly recommend this as a fairly easy read and a very good one. You haven’t even started to live if you haven’t read it.