sherlock Holmes book coverYou might be thinking “Urgghh, Sherlock Holmes. That is like, so ancient.” Well, that’s definitely the wrong way to think. Sherlock Holmes isn’t so ‘ancient’ and, in fact, the series/short storied are very good books. Okay, so maybe they were written in 1887, but these ‘ancient’ books are still being made into fantastic TV episodes that hundreds of viewers are watching everyday.

The original books are set in the early 1800’s and are written amazingly well. When you read this the characters seem to leap of the pages. The books may be written with old-fashioned language but the stories are wonderful. One of my personal favourites is ‘The Adventure of the Red-Headed League’ in which Holmes has to decipher a complicated case involving a clever ploy to get a red-headed pawn-broker out of his shop long enough for robbers to burrow into the bank next door from the cellar. Holmes solves the case and is quick enough so that they can prevent the robbery and catch the criminals. However this is not the only short story or the only novel. There are many more, each with clever plots and characters, each delightfully good and cunning.

These are rather difficult books to read as the language is rather old fashioned, however they are still a very good read and a good challenge for anyone from 10-20 as this is not just a children’s book, but an adult’s as well.