First off, if you haven’t read this book, SHUT DOWN YOUR COMPUTER, AND GO GET IT FROM THE NEAREST BOOKSHOP! Now that that’s over, I can properly give you a review. The book starts off in the small, self-sufficient town of Gavaldon. Sophie is the perfect, pretty pink princess. Agatha is the black-clad-graveyard girl. Every four years, a mysterious force steals two children away, never to return. This force is known among the people of Gavaldon as the School Master. The rumour is that the two missing children go to the School for Good and Evil. Once they complete four years of training, they end up in a fairy-tale if they’re lucky. When the day of the stealing rolls around, Agatha and Sophie are the two that are taken. But if you thought that Sophie ended up in the School for Good, you’re wrong. Sophie was put in the School for Evil and Agatha in the School for Good. They spend the rest of the school year trying to rectify this mistake.

This is an excellent book by Soman Chainai, who I cannot give enough credit to for writing it. I would recommend it for ages eight to thirteen. Read the book to find out more.