This book is for pre-readers of ‘The Hobbit’ and who are missing it really badly, well do I have good news for you, if bored with the Hobbit, you can read the next book that comes after it, ‘The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’. This book follow the adventure of Frodo Baggins, Bilbo’s nephew, on his adventure’s to destroy the Ring of Power. I would not recommend this book as an easy read. In fact, If you are reading this right now and thinking “Oh yeah, this’ll be easy, the Hobbit wasn’t much of a challenge.” well I’m afraid to say that if the Hobbit wasn’t much of a challenge, then the Lord of the Rings definitely is. This story is covered in three very thick books, so say goodbye to that easy read.The-one-ring

On his journey’s, Frodo will encounter dragons, Black Riders, tempting urges and trusting, then tricking friends. Frodo begins loyal to his quest and certain about how evil the ring is, however, however his journey, the Ring of Power begins to affect him, just as it affected Bilbo before him. Frodo is accompanied by three other hobbits (Sam, Merry and Pippin.) one dwarf, one elf (Gimli and Legolas), two men (Aragorn and Boromir) and one wizard (Gandalf). These companions must travel through Middle-Earth, until they reach the fiery volcano Oroduin, more commonly known as Mount Doom, where the evil Ring was forged in the land of Mordor where the shadows lie.

In this book we meet many characters that we have met before. Elrond, Elf-lord of Rivendell, is one example, while Gandalf and Gollum are other examples. There are others you will meet again, but I have to leave some things for you to find out, don’t I?

I really enjoyed reading these books and I hope that  you will enjoy them.il_570xN_453659451_ktj4 Although to be honest, it’s very hard to not enjoy them. If you have finished them and are hoping for news of any more to the series, I must disappoint you as the author has not nor will ever be writing more about the adventures of Frodo/Bilbo.

However there are many good movies of these stories that you can enjoy which are highly entertaining. If you have read this book review and decide to read the Lord of the Rings, then I wish you luck. if you love this series, then there are many other books describing Middle-Earth which are about the history of Tolkien’s magical world.

However, these sometimes do not line up with the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit as they were Tolkien’s notes on Middle-Earth’s history put together by his son, Christopher. These include the Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, The Peoples of Middle-earth, and many others.