book1One run away boy, one abandoned circus raised girl and two orphans. Who could be better to save the world?

Reynard Muldoon (Reynie) never dreamed of anything important happening in his life, until he saw an advertisement in the newspaper that called to him. After passing three very hard tests Reynie met with George Washington (Sticky), Kate Wetherall and Constance Contraire. This unlikely team is destined to save the world from an event they call ‘The Emergency’. To do this they have to join a school called the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened, or LIVE. The founder of the school is the notorious Mr Curtain, who, using a machine he calls the Whisperer, intends to rule the world himself. Mr Curtain’s long lost brother, Mr Benedict, is the man who has sent the children on their dangerous mission.

He is desperately trying to stop the ‘Emergency’ and he believes that the children are his last hope and regretfully he must put them into the hands of the enemy as spies. Reynie and his friends have to observe and gather information about the Whisperer while still being assumed as students. How do they do this? Why, they must become Messengers.


In the second books of this trilogy, the mysterious Mr Curtain has vanished and so has Mr Benedict! The same team of children once again re-group and following a trail of cryptic clues they track Mr Benedict over sea and land. book2

It seemed that Mr Benedict, had hoped to take them all on a safe adventure. However Mr Curtain had got in their way and so following clues left by Mr Benedict the children must find him and not be found by Mr Curtain.

This is not a easy task however as Mr Curtain’s Ten Men are everywhere, waiting silently for the children to stumble across them. After several close encounters the children finally make it to a small island where they have decided Mr Benedict must be. However another fatal surprises wait for them there, Mr Curtain has beaten them there and is holding Mr Benedict captive. How can the children hope to outwit him again? And if they do, how can they ever hope to hold Mr Curtain prisoner for long.


Benedict 3In this book, Mr Curtain is back again, and he has a very evil plan (what a surprise). Riled by anger and frustration, Constance convinces Mr Benedict to use the captured Whisperer to delve into her mind and recover memories of her previous life, however, she is left so confused after this that she escapes into the ain library, which was actually quite fortunate for hours later, 10 men break into the house searching for the children, Constance in particular. Reynie, Kate and Sticky must find Constance before the ten men do. Unfortunately, the children are captured by the ten men and are taken to an island that used to be prison. The children must use their many gifts to escape from the island and find Mr Benedict. The book comes to a surprising end when Mr Curtain reveals a very surprising side to his personality.


I highly recommend this series as it is highly enjoyable to read and there is a surprising turn at every corner of the book. These books are fairly easy to read and can be recommended for ages 7-15.