woebegoneTwins Feliks and Greta are the Mortenberg twins, but more commonly known as the Woebegone twins as trouble as woe seems to follow them everywhere. They live with their aunt Gisela as their parents have run away. They live in the house with their aunt, the parrot Karloff and a strange visitor called Morbide. However, tragedy is not far behind Morbide.

The twins are horrified when their believed Aunt Gisela is killed by a poisoned marzipan cake intended for thee twins. They are taken to Schwartzgarten Reformatory for Maladjusted Children where, after no time at all they are rescued by Children’s Author Olga Van Veenen who is something of a hero to Greta. Feliks is not so taken by her however and is very suspicious when she seems to be so perfect and kind. Indeed, his suspicions were not founded on nothing. For the story takes an unexpected turn, revealing a much darker side to the renowned house of Van Veenen.

The twins go on numerous adventures, even a fake adventure where they are tricked into rescuing Olga Van Veenen, the adventure was meant to kill the twins, but instead they survived and ‘rescued’ Olga. But should they really have rescued the mysterious author. The story thankfully ends on a happy ending, not with the twins getting their aunt Gisela back, but ending up with entirely new, kind parents. Who are both much better parents than Olga Van Veenen

I recommend this book as an adventure, thriller and over all great book. This is a good book from ages 8-18. If you enjoyed this book you can also read other tales from Schwartzgarten by the same author (Christopher William Hill).