Ender's_game_cover_ISBN_0312932081Enders game is a thrilling novel about the adventures of a young boy, Andrew ‘Ender’ Wiggin. It is set in the future after an alien race called the Formix attacked Earth. The entire story is set around Ender and his friends training with many other recruits to become part of the force that will destroy the Formix entirely, or will it?

Ender is bullied at school, and when he has his monitor taken out, the bullies have no more boundaries and attack him. However, Ender fights back, scaring the bullies and stopping them ever bullying him again. He surprised to then be offered a place on the Formix extermination training program, or ‘Battle School’. Ender quickly rises through the ranks, quickly becoming commander of his own army, ‘Dragon Army’. However, following the unfortunate injury of one of his former commanders, Ender forces Colonel Graff to let him return to Earth. Graf has no choice but to let him go.

Following a discussion with his close sister Valentine, Ender returns to the force, only to discover he has graduated to Command School, where he will be trained to wipe out the Formix. At Command school Ender is trained by the greatest commander known to them, Mazer Rackham, the one man who stopped the Formix invading Earth 15 years ago, Ender is startled to discover that his hero still exists as everyone on Earth believed, and continues to believe that Mazer Rackham died while fighting the Formix. At command school Ender is trained using computer simulations to fight and battle the Formix with his team, Petra, Dink, Bernard, Bean and Alai. Then, finally, Ender is called upon for his graduation ceremony, where he must win one final battle with the Formix to face them in Reality.

Ender passes his graduation with joy, only to discover that the simulation he had been experiencing, had in fact been real life and is horrified that he has wiped out and entire species (Or has he?).

Enders game is followed by a sequel (Speaker for the Dead) which follows Ender’s adult life. I would recommend Ender’s Game for people 10 and over, it is a terrific book with a thrilling complication and conclusion.