Refuge is a great book. I love this book because of its clever sequencing, it is sometimes in the past and sometimes in the present and sometimes in a dream that is real and yet not real.


This book tells the story of a boy (Faris) who has to escape from his home and try to get to Australia. He makes this journey with Jadda, and he encounters her young and old. He meets many friends along the way and encounters some again in the finishing chapter.
Susannah, Billy, Jamilla, Nikko, Muddurra, Juhi and Faris have all taken shelter in refuge.

Read this thrilling story and feel what it is like to have to escape your home, leaving everything behind and possibly never coming back, to go to a strange new country where not everyone is welcome. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes, to read this amazing adventure including giant waves, lots of sand, a strange door, pigs bladders and kangaroos eating oranges!

This book is readable for all ages (as long as they can read!) who want an amazing story which gives you a new perspective of everyone’s Australia, which changes between the ages of time, between the worlds as one world stays the same always showing everyone’s dream and yet everyone is trapped like a prison cell. But hold there is a secret tunnel which lets them out when they choose but never to return.

So if you’re tired of pirates, princesses and princes, parrots, pretty polly’s and other things starting with a P, then get to your local bookstore and get a copy of Refuge today, just don’t start hurling yourself underneath trains to try and get there, I tried it – it doesn’t work.