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Hi fellow readers!

I’m wondering if any of you have read any books that I haven’t and I’m thinking ‘yes, they probably have and their getting really frustrated at our lack of book reviews and stuff.’

So…. My solution is that you guys can send us, Readers United a message with a review of your own! I know, pure genius right? *crying at the simplicity of my own dumbness*

So if you want to send us your review you just need to click on contact and fill it out! At the bottom there should (will) be a description of what you want to say to us and in there you can include your review as well as a name (Not your real name). We can then post it while mentioning you. e.g.

— The Title would be here —

Brought to you by *your name*

— The rest of the review would be here—

If you have any suggestions please tell me in the comments (^^)



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