Image result for maze runnerI just recently read ‘The Maze Runner’ (after I watched the movie) and realised something that I think we come to know. The movie absolutely sucked in comparison to the book! Now don’t get me wrong, I was jumping in fright almost all the time when I was watching the movie its just that… The book is way better!

Anyway! Maze runner is an awesome book that presents a young boy (and a group of other young boys with one girl) with a problem. How to get out of the maze and live a normal life. They are in a ‘safe zone’ which they call the Glade. Oh yeah, did I forget to tell you that all their personal memories had been wiped?!? A bunch of young teens trying to get out of a maze that moves at night, has scary monsters patrolling it (aka grievers) and there are bugs watching your every move! How hard can that be? All you have to do is just build something tall enough to get on top Image result for maze runner grievers cartoonof the maze, oh wait! When you get to a certain level it gets cut off by something! That’s why!! But how did they get inside the maze you ask? Well they had their memories wiped, were knocked unconscious and thrown into ‘the box’ which is basically an elevator which takes them to the Glade. They are then received as well as new supplies.

Personally after I read the first book I was itching to read more but after a few days I realised that the ending to how they got out of the maze was a bit hasty, IDK maybe the author was in a rush to finish cause he was near the end? here’s the ending (in my own words):

Thomas and Minho follow a Griever and see that it jumps off a cliff and disappears. The same cliff that everybody knows about!!!!!! They throw stones to measure the amount of space their is then go back to the glade. They tell everybody  about it and get a small band of people willing to risk their lives to get out. Thomas and Teresa (that one girl) figure out that their should be a computer in the hole and that once they enter the password everything would be okay. Once they get there they’re meet with quite a few grievers almost half the group gets wiped out as Thomas, Teresa (and Chuck for some reason) enter the password. Everybody enters the hole and slide down a slide that appears.Image result for maze runner thomas and Minho

BAM! That’s the end! Well maybe its because I was expecting something different. Maze runner is SO GOOD though (besides the ending)!!! And if you want a scary movie I recommend Maze Runner though it may not be scary for you (I though it was scary but you know…. different people have different tastes)

The book isn’t that scary but it describes everything very well and brings humour into the story at some points at time. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure, fantasy, science-fiction and romance. Even if you don’t like those things I’d probably still recommend it to you anyway.